Re-Invent the Dream

Find Freedom in Times of Change


Bridge the Gap


- fear & anxiety

- confusion & overwhelm

- betrayal & loss


- peace & clarity

- comfort in your own skin

- trust & new understanding 

Rewiring knee-jerk reactions,

upgrading to a higher perspective & rewriting that old story to make room for something new can be so much easier with the right support.

Voice of Support

The only way out of a bad situation is to imagine it differently, and then take the first steps toward that vision. 

But when we’ve been battered around, it can take just the right kind of support in order hold that vision long enough to do so, and there’s no shame in that.

The specialized tools of my trade tap into the right-brain power of metaphor to help you re-imagine your own brand of success - let’s take that step together.

Negotiating Change

Re-training the brain to let go of what keeps old pain alive means you can finally take that step toward your bigger dream.

Gaining new skills that make riding waves of uncertainty easier means you’ll have a clear vantage point from which to see the path ahead &

- Adapt quickly to new situations

- Let natural curiosity lead you

- Accept discomfort as temporary 

- Find the gift in unexpected change 

- Bring levity to sticky situations

- Follow more natural impulses vs ‘shoulds’ or old habits

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